M.A. German an General Literature Studies


Study Program Description

Since the winter semester 2022/23, the Master's programme in Literature and Linguistics cannot be be taken up anymore.

The Master's in Literary and Linguistic Studies continues the philological and interdisciplinary approach of the eponymous Bachelor program. It offer both traditional subject-specific study and research opportunities as well as interdisciplinary components, that prepare students for modern disciplinarily linked research. The modules offered target the offers in the humanities and social sciences and the prospects of digitally processing information.

The literature and language of either German and English Studies will be studied in detail. Students have the opportunity to select a topic of focus. Modules are designed to be both flexible in content and scheduling.

The intensive literary and linguistic studies are expanded through an interdisciplinary focus during the Master's program more than they are in Bachelor's program. Transdisciplinary modules were designed specifically for the course of study and fall under the research focuses Europe in the World, Cognition and Digital Humanities, and Theories and Methods, forming the core of the Master's program: How do collaboration and coexistence function beyond language and cultural borders in a globalized society? How can an individual cognitively master these linguistic and cultural challenges? And how can information and communication technologies be implemented in order to secure and process linguistic and cultural artifacts for future generations.

The Aachen Profile

This course of study takes advantage of that fact that it is housed in an excellent technical university. Students acquire knowledge from a broad spectrum of various disciplines of their choosing such as computer science, neurolinguistics, neuroscience, sociology, and the history of science. The Aachen course of study promotes examination of research-relevant questions from other disciplines but also with current events. The Department of Literary Studies, Linguistics, and Philosophy works closely together with the interdisicplinary HumTec Project at RWTH.

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Since the winter semester 2022/23, the Master's programme in Literature and Linguistics cannot be be taken up anymore.