Career Perspectives


The study programme should primarily prepare students for scientific work within and outside of the university. With a Master of Arts (M.A.) degree from RWTH Aachen University, you can also work in fields such as language technology, publishing, journalism, European and international institutions, media and culture management or public relations. As a graduate, you will also be able to work in literature archives and documentation centres, in tourism or in foreign language teaching.

Graduates are specialists in dealing with texts. Thanks to its orientation towards foreign languages, the degree programme prepares students for occupations in all areas in which a particularly thorough and comprehensive knowledge of a foreign language and culture is required. If you have chosen foreign-language philology in the area of specialisation, you will have spoken and written language skills that come close to those of a native speaker of a comparable level. The skills acquired in independent information processing, documentation and research are in demand in many companies. As a graduate, you are a specialist in dealing with texts and a generalist with regard to general competences. Your articulation and argumentation skills qualify literary scholars as mediators and designers in publishing and journalism. The interdisciplinarity of your studies prepares you in particular for the flexible, project-related switching between different contents. If you have taken advantage of the computer focus offered, there are also perspectives in the fields of language technology. The pronounced focus on (empirical) methodological competence in connection with theoretical analysis is useful in many ways - especially when working with and evaluating scientific studies and, of course, carrying them out is necessary.

Internships enable students to develop professional perspectives during the course of their studies. We advise you to take advantage of this opportunity and steer your career through such insights into the world of work at an early stage. The faculty supports you with its own practice and career service.

You will find a clear overview of the competencies that our graduates bring with them in the employer information of the Faculty's Career and Practice Center.