Structure Master of Arts


*** MA LUS ***

The Master's programme in Literature and Linguistics (120 ETCS points) consists of a core area, a specialisation area, an interdisciplinary area and a Master's thesis. Thus it offers both traditional subject-specific study and research opportunities as well as interdisciplinary components networked within and outside the Faculty of Philosophy. This way, we prepare our students for modern interdisciplinary research. With a Master of Arts (M.A.) degree from RWTH Aachen University, you can work both in research and in fields such as language technology, publishing, journalism, international institutions, media and culture management or public relations. The programme is based on the Bachelor's programme of the same name. The standard period of study is 4 semesters.


Degree Content

Core Area Specialization Area Interdisciplinary Area

Two of three topic areas:

  • Europe in the World
  • Cognition and Digital Humanities
  • Theories and Methods

Research and project colloquia - mandatory

One of four specializations:

  • English and American Studies
  • German and General Literary Studies

Two of five subject perspectives:

  • History
  • Independent Study
  • Computer Science
  • Philosophy
  • Sociology

Master's thesis


1. Core Area

You attend research and project colloquia and also attend seminars and lectures in two of the following three areas:

Europe in the world
Cognition and Digital Humanities
Theories and Methods

The focus is increasingly on interdisciplinary perspectives. In the core area, 40 ETCS points can be earned.

2nd area of specialisation

The follwoing components are available for your selection:

English and American Studies with the modules Linguistics, English Literary Studies and American Literary Studies
German Studies and General Literature Studies with the modules Methodology, History of German Literature and Literature in an Interdisciplinary Context.

As in the core area, 40 ECTS points are earned in the specialisation area. In the chosen component, you must prove 60 ECTS points from the Bachelor's programme or comparable achievements as an entry requirement.

3rd Interdisciplinary Area

In the interdisciplinary field, two out of six perspectives will be chosen, which will enable you to continue to acquire skills and knowledge in other disciplines within and outside of the Faculty of Humanities and Arts. This knowledge is taken up in the core area and is to be integrated into it. You can continue the perspectives you have chosen in your Bachelor's degree or take on new ones. You are free to choose:

Human Sciences
Computer Science
Philosophy (practical or theoretical)
Social Sciences
In the interdisciplinary area, 12 ETCS points must be earned.

4th Master Thesis

The Master's thesis is planned for the fourth semester and comprises 28 ECTS points. You can write your Master's thesis in the core or specialisation area.