Career Prospects


Career after Graduation

Far from the stereotype that Humanities Graduates are not sought after in the job market, a B.A. in Literature and Linguitsics prepares students for various professional fields. Graduates are experts in analysing complex contexts and presenting them in condensed form in various media. Thanks to its orientation towards foreign languages, the course prepares students for occupations in all areas where a particularly thorough and comprehensive knowledge of a foreign language and culture is required. The skills acquired in information processing, documentation and research are highly demanded in many companies. As a graduate, you are a specialist in dealing with texts. Your articulation and argumentation skills qualify you as a mediator and designer in publishing and journalism. Especially in the media, culture, information, tourism, economy as well as in the management of international authorities and societies, you will find possible applications. The components of the interdisciplinary field prepare you in particular for the flexible, project-related change between different contents. If you have taken advantage of the computer focus offered, there are also perspectives in the fields of language technology. The pronounced focus on (empirical) methodological competence in connection with theoretical analysis is useful in many ways - especially when working with and evaluating scientific studies and, of course, carrying them out. Last, but not least, the programme offers preparation for an advanced Master's degree and, if necessary, for a subsequent doctorate.

The internship which you will be working on during your studies enables students to gain insights into qualified employment and to steer their own career path. This enables you to make contacts during your studies and prepare for your future career.

The following professional areas are suitable for Graduates:

  • Research
  • Pedagogy
  • Media (Journalism)
  • Publishing
  • Tourism
  • Translating/Interpreting
  • Public Relations and Press Work
  • Culture
  • Consulting
  • Internal Communications
  • Human Resources
  • Foundations/NGO's

You will find an overview of the competencies that our graduates bring with them in the employer information of the Faculty's Career and Practice Center.