for the Bachelor's programme in Literature and Linguistics?

The Bachelor's programme in Literature and Linguistics is restricted by a numerus clausus. The prerequisite for admission is a general qualification for university entrance or an equivalent degree. There is also a study opportunity for professionally qualified applicants without a university entrance qualification.
In addition, the foreign language components require language skills at a specified level in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The attainment of the respective level is an essential prerequisite for admission to the area of specialisation in the respective component. Proof must, therefore, be provided by the end of the third semester.

The required language skills are:

For the component English and American Studies: English at C1 level
For the French component: B2 level (+ Latin knowledge)*.
For the Spanish component: B2 level (+ knowledge of Latin)*
*If the component French or Spanish is deepened, additional Latin knowledge on level II must be proven before deepening courses in these components can be taken.

Before enrolment, a self-assessment (de) specific to the field of study must be completed. This is exclusively for your self-assessment, i.e. it does not influence the allocation of study places.
Nevertheless, you should reconsider your choice of study if your result is below the required language level. Although it is possible to improve your language skills during your studies through language courses, this is associated with a high workload.