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Your Questions, Our Answers

What does "Component" mean?

The term "component" describes the five areas, of which two each can be studied in the basic area and one can be continued in the advanced area.
Since the entire Bachelor's program in Literature and Linguistics is a one-subject Bachelor's program, the individual components cannot be described as "subjects" for legal reasons.

What do the Basics consist of?

The basic area covers the first to third semester. In this area, two components are studied to the same extent.

The composition of the components in the basic subject area is free to your own preferences, although Spanish and French cannot be combined with each other.

What is the area of specialisation?

The area of specialization comprises the fourth to sixth semester, i.e. it follows on from the basic area. Only one of the components studied in the basic subject area is continued.

Philosophy cannot be used for specialization. 

Which admission requirements must be fulfilled?

The prerequisite for the Bachelor's program is a certificate of higher education entrance qualification (general or relevant subject-specific higher education entrance qualification) or a previous education recognized as equivalent by law or by the competent state authority or comparable school-leaving qualifications abroad.

In addition, a self-assessment specific to the field of study must be completed before enrolment.

Foreign language components also require language skills, which must be proven by the end of the third semester.

Can applicants without a university entrance qualification also be admitted?

Yes, professionally qualified applicants without a university entrance qualification can also be admitted. However, these applicants must undergo a so-called entrance examination. The admission procedure is governed by the Rules for the Admission of Professionally Qualified Applicants to Studies at RWTH Aachen University (Admission Rules) of 23.06.2010 (Official Announcement of RWTH Aachen University, No. 2010/045, p. 1). The details of the entrance examination are regulated in the individual examination regulations. Further information on vocational qualification can be found on the RWTH website.

Which foreign language skills are required?

When the foreign language components are chosen, different language levels are expected according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages:

For the component English and American Studies: English at C1 level
For the French component: French at B2 level, if French is being deepened: Latin at level II
For the Spanish component: Spanish at B2 level, if Spanish is deepened: Latin at level II

As a prerequisite for admission to the area of specialization in the respective component(s), proof of the relevant knowledge must be provided by the end of the third semester.

Is my previous knowledge sufficient?

The Institute of English, American and Romance Languages offers optional self-assessments to help you assess your foreign language skills.

Please note that these tests are for your self-assessment only. If you enroll in the Bachelor's programme in Literature and Linguistics, you must complete a different self-assessment.

Are there any aptitude tests or placement tests?

Yes, a comprehensive Self Assessment is offered. This provides information on the personal suitability of prospective students for a course of study even before enrolment. A distinction is made between the general Self Assessment and the study field specific Self Assessment.
The study-field specific Self Assessment in Humanities, Linguistics and Communication Sciences must be completed before applying for a place.


Does the result of the self-assessment test influence my chances of getting a place at university?

No, the result is for your self-assessment only. It does not influence the allocation of study places.
Please keep in mind, however, that before the start of the fourth semester, proof of foreign language proficiency at a certain level is obligatory in some components.

When can I start my studies?

For organisational reasons, the course can only be started in the winter semester.

Are preliminary courses offered?

Yes, there are Latin prep classes.

Do I have to do anything before the introductory session?

Yes, we recommend:  

  • participation in the information event (more detailed information will be sent to applicants by e-mail)
  • registration at the Language Centre

Do I have to complete an internship or stay abroad before starting my studies?

No, but before or during your studies you must have spent at least 6 weeks abroad.

Stays that can be recognized are, for example, voluntary service, internships, attendance at a foreign university or professional activities.

Holiday trips are not recognized.

Are there tuition fees at RWTH Aachen University?

No, no tuition fees are charged at RWTH Aachen University. However, there is a student body and social contribution.

Do I need a Latin Proficiency Certificate?

No. However, if you wish to deepen your knowledge of the French or Spanish component, you will need to prove your Latin proficiency at Level II before attending courses in the area of specialization in these components.

Latin courses are offered to help you acquire the language. We recommend that you acquire the required knowledge of Latin as early as possible.

Which components are available for study?

The following components are available:

  • English and American Studies
  • French or Spanish
  • German Studies and General Literary Studies
  • Philosophy

In the basic area, two of these components are studied. However, French and Spanish cannot be combined due to the large overlap in content.