Bachelor of Arts Literature and Linguistics


Study Program Description

Whether a poem, novel, newspaper article, instructions, or a political speech – every text has an intention, a particular style, and a cultural, political, and biographical background. Philology's task is to systematically investigate texts – with respect to both contextual and formal aspects.

Literary studies regard text as a form of communication and art. It grapples with text genre, style, eras, and authors.

Literary and linguistic studies focus primarily on the elements of language: the sounds, word and sentence structures, and the meaning of linguistic units. It also investigates how language is acquired, used, and adapted for certain purposes.

When systematically working with texts realizations and methods from other disciplines can be called upon. For example, philosophy supplements the philological research of logic, ethics, scientific and argumentation theories, rounded out by cultural perspectives, which then highlight, which zeitgeist a text is reflecting.

Because philology's scientific approach concerns all languages equally, two philologies and philosophy are combined into one interdisciplinary course of study at RWTH.

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Since the winter semester 2012/13 the study of the Bachelor of Literature and Linguistics can always be started in the winter semester. We look forward to your application!