Culture Journalism


Workshop 22.01.2020

10 to 17 o'clock

The area of "cultural journalism" offers many opportunities for career changers from a wide variety of fields of study to work outside the traditional newspaper editing business.

The possibilities include:

  • Theatre, art and film reviews,
  • Reviews in a journalistic context,
  • Service texts,
  • Press and public relations work for cultural productions and
  • Work in the field of documentaries and yearbooks, for example theatre houses.

In addition, the significance of cultural journalism is becoming increasingly important, for example in the social media/blogosphere, where it is clearly shown that the boundaries between PR, marketing and reporting cannot be clearly drawn. New forms such as "digital storytelling" also require journalistic writing skills, which are taught in this seminar.

The aim of the workshop is to enable the participants to write and edit texts from a cultural journalistic point of view and to report in a target group-oriented way.

The speaker provides practice-oriented insights into editorial and work processes as well as possible entry strategies into the aforementioned fields of work. In addition to detailed information and reports from the lecturer's own experience, the seminar deals with practical exercises as well as creative writing, own approaches to topics and orients itself to the questions of the students.

Questions and topics dealt with in this workshop include the following:

How do I inform about a cultural event in an appealing, exciting and yet objective way?
How do I analyse, evaluate and review a play?
How do I ask a director about his work or a politician about the cultural budget?
Speaker Ingrid Schindler: Publisher at open for books and cultural promoter
Where? Where? Dean's Office of the Faculty of Philosophy, Kármánstraße 17/19, Room 103
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