The Bachelor's programme in Literature and Linguistics is divided into two parts:

1) Two components

The follwoing components can be selected:

English and American Studies
German Studies and General Literary Studies

In the basic area, i.e. the first to third semester, two of the components are studied to the same extent (38 ECTS each). The composition of the components is free.
One of the selected components is studied in depth in the area of specialisation, the fourth to sixth semester, to the extent of 38 ECTS. The Bachelor's thesis, which comprises 12 ECTS, is then also written in this course. Philosophy is the only component that cannot be deepened.

2) The Supplementary Area
A total of 16 ECTS credits are awarded in the complementary area of key qualifications in an interdisciplinary programme offered by the Faculty of Philosophy.

This takes place in the form of two courses on rhetoric, presentation and communication, the completion of a five-week vocational internship and the acquisition of foreign language skills. Different languages can be studied at different levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, depending on the capacities of the Language Centre. It is also possible to choose a foreign language studied in the basic field. This is particularly useful if the language skills are not yet at the required level. The services in the field of foreign languages are not graded.

3) The Interdisciplinary Area
In this area, two components are selected, each with a scope of 19 ECTS credits. The offer is chosen in a way that enables you to acquire skills and knowledge in related disciplines. You can apply these skills to the components studied in the basic and advanced areas.

The following components are offered in the interdisciplinary area:

Perspective History
Perspective Society
Perspective Individual
Perspective Computer Science
Perspective Theology
Perspective Knowledge

Semester Course Content
1st to 3rd semester

Components A

Core Curriculum

Components B

Core Curriculum

Interdisciplinary Section

Two Perspectives from the interdisciplinary subjects

Supplementary Section


Foreign Language


Proof of language skills
4th to 6th semester

Components A

Specialization Section

Bachelor's Thesis

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