News concerning the B.A. LuS

Wednesday, December 4, 2019, 2:30 to 5:35pm

Anyone considering a Master's at RWTH Aachen in one of the courses of study listed below is faced with many questions:

  • Why pursue humanities and social science studies at a technical university?
  • What are the profiles of the courses of study?
  • What are the career prospects like for someone in these programs?

The Master's and Teacher Training Day offers an overview of the Master's courses of study offered in the humanities and social sciences at RWTH. Courses of studies and their profiles will be presented and attendees will learn about the application process, funding opportunities, scholarships, and doctoral studies. Graduates will talk about their career paths and answer questions. Information stands in the foyer also provide an opportunity for individual advising.

Where? SuperC, Generali Hall and Ford Hall (6th floor) and Rooms 5.31/5.32 (5th floor), Templergraben 57
Target Group

Bachelor's students at RWTH Aachen and other universities, all those interested

  • Welcome and introduction by the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Christine Roll
  • Professors and lecturers present their Master's courses of studies (structure, admissions requirements, profile)
  • Presentations on general topics
  • Graduates share about their careers
  • Simultaneous to the presentations: advising stands in the foyer
Participating Courses of Study
  • Computational Social Systems (M.Sc.)
  • Digital Media Communication (M.A.)
  • Empirical Education Research (M.A.)
  • History as Culture of Knowledge (M.A.)
  • Governance of Technology and Innovation (M.A.)
  • Master's Teacher Trainings at RWTH
  • Literary and Linguistic Studies (M.A.)
  • Political Science (M.A.)
  • Sociology (M.A.)
  • Theology and Global Development (M.A.)
Registration Not required

Faculty of Arts and Humanities Career and Practical Experience Service: New Program

In the summer semester 2019, the Career and Practical Experience Service of the Faculty of Humanities offers students various measures for career orientation and practical career preparation.

In individual workshops, the Career Preparation Program offers students the opportunity to get to know the practical side of some selected professions. In the theoretical part, a comprehensive overview of the suitable job market is given, in the practical part processes from the vocational everyday life are practiced above all.

You can find further information about the workshops on the Faculty of Arts and Humanities website. 


*** Infoveranstaltung: Praktikum, Auslandsaufenthalt, Interdisziplinärer Bereich ***


New Contact Person for Interdisciplinary Studies

Dr. Sergej Rickenbacher is now available for all questions and problems concerning interdisciplinary studies.


Important information on the change of examination regulations in the BA LuS

Unfortunately, false information and rumours are circulating as to how exactly services already rendered will be recognised in the event of a change to the new examination regulations.

We would like to expressly point out that all information which does not originate from officially advising persons is to be treated extremely critically.


*** Copy of Äquivalenzliste BA LuS ***


Request for changing exam regulations


Important: Binding deadlines for recognition of stays abroad / C1 certificates

To submit your necessary documents for the recognition of staying abroad or for the C1 language certificate, binding deadlines must always be observed. Please hand in all the necessary documents to Dr. Nicole Hützen in time. 

The current deadline for the summer semester 2019 expires on 30.04.2019, i.e. documents submitted after this date will not be passed on for recording until the end of June.

This is generally done every two months.

These intervals must be observed as a matter of urgency to ensure that the recognition process runs smoothly.


Change of E-Mail Addresses of the Department of English and American Studies

The e-mail addresses of all employees of the English and American Studies Institute have changed:

They follow the scheme


English Language Placement Tests

For new students studying the component English and American Studies, placement tests will take place at the start of the winter semester 2019/2020 to test their English skills.

A user account must be created with the Language Centre before participation.

Dates can be found on the RWTH Aachen University Language Center website (de).